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The Quantum Harmonizer Applications


The Living Spaces


The most common use of the Harmonizer is the home. The home can be a house or an apartment. All homes can use the power of the Harmonizer, some homes to a greater degree then others, but no home should be without. The typical home can be vastly improved by adding the healing energy of the Harmonizer. Each house is unique, but quite often the previous owner, or even the neighborhood prevents each home from fully expressing the unique qualities of the inhabitants - occasional the furniture or other items can hold some unbalanced energy. Homes with conflict, challenging neighbors, or even deaths associated with the home can greatly benefit by changing the energy, the Harmonizer does that and so much more.



When living in an apartment, the only thing separating your home from your neighbor’s is usually a cheap drywall clad wall, no deeper then a foot. A person’s energy field extends about 250 feet when unencumbered (to see this for yourself, take a walk, notice and what point a passerby takes note of you - the fields have connected). The Harmonizer helps energetically divide your space from your neighbor’s. The Harmonizer will help rid the apartment of all the energy from the previous tenants, no matter who they were and give you a protected space.

No matter where you lay your head, the Harmonizer helps you evolve. When you are comfortable, good things happen. When you are comfortable in your home, you feel free to expand and grow, the Harmonizer supports that personal growth in subtle but important ways. The Harmonizer’s presence will even help the neighbors and the area in general grow. In some cases, a candle in a cave is blinding and can easily show a way out.

The Office

No matter where you work, the Harmonizer brings success. The workplace is the area were unique energies are brought together, but often without unification. The Harmonizer adds unity to an office or workplace by making the energy in the area balanced and harmonious. Quite often businesses that are struggling begin to grow once the Harmonizer is on the job. I’ve put them in three major film studios, hair salons, restaurants, health care offices, gyms and even a gas station. Each time, the business has improved and those who worked there enjoyed the feeling of unity. No matter what your profession, there is no reason not to take advantage of the Harmonizer. (the only place the Harmonizer should not be used is in a night club or stand alone bar).

The Car

The car is a place where healing and harmony are rarely found. The electrical system of the car, the distractions, the poor drivers and so on make driving anything but harmonious. While it is impossible to rid the world of bad drivers, distracted drivers and the dreaded commute, it is possible to calm the inside of your car and create a harmonious ride. Placing the protection card on the windshield does wonders for smoothing things out. If you can have a 10 percent smoother ride, wouldn’t you take that? How about well more then 10 percent?

The Cell Phone

The Cell Phone is a convenient piece of trouble. The powered needed to get the signal from the Satellite to the phone is a lot, and it can fluctuate depending on a myriad of factors. That energy is not a positive thing for a human being. Notice how people act on the cellphone; distracted, rude, often lost. The energy from the phone is not a positive situation for anybody, especially those who use the phone for extended periods of time. It is all but impossible to stop the harmful effects from the cellphone and still have it working. You can do things to mitigate it. Keep the phone well away from the body when in use, never keep it near the heart when either in use or not. Speak for short periods of time, and speak NEVER when doing something else - talking on the cell phone is more then enough for anyone. Make sure you are ready to speak and have a clear sense of what you want to say and how long you’ll take to say it - no calls just to say, “what’s up?” Use the speaker phone or radiation reduction ear piece. And place a protection card on the phone to aid you in keeping your energy field strong. The Harmonizer will strengthen your energy field, which will allow you refute some of the energy coming from the phone.

The Computer

The computer can be an energy drain. Placing the Harmonizer on the computer helps protect you and strengthen your energy field.

The Body

The body is subject to all manner of energies everyday. Much of the energy we experience is way out of alignment with us, stray emf’s, negative energy from people, unbalanced energy in the places we go and so on. It can all be overwhelming. Anything one can do to protect and refresh is important. Put the cell phone away, turn off the TV, spend a few moments just relaxing without distraction. Spend 15 minutes of undivided discussion with a friend or loved one. Spend a few hours at the park, or the beach, or simply in your backyard. Place a sport for fun, hike for fun, but do something for yourself to refresh and something that does not require more energy and more focus, refresh is refreshing. And use a Harmonizer pendant. The pendant helps fend off the wild frequencies we come in contact with everyday, as well as discharge some old and unneeded energy build up in the human energy field. People who are feeling off, tired, frustrated or even ill, often find tremendous relief from the Harmonizer Pendant. There is nothing like it anywhere. Most protection devices need cleaning - did you know that? Most people don’t clean their devices and they end up doing more harm then good. The Harmonizer pendant does not need cleaning, just wear it and be protected. Occasionally there can be a slight break in period with the pendant, as things release, but this rarely lasts more then a day or two and can be easily mitigated by removing it and once that period is over you have reached a new level of self.

Your Life

The protection kit is designed to enhance your life. It was designed to not only protect, but to assist in your evolution. Each piece works in conjunction with each other. When your home and office are balanced, you have the highly desired consistency of space. The two places you spend the most time will have the same vibration, the same familiar feel. With the pendant where ever you go you will feel grounded, protected and clear. No Harmonizer device needs tending to, or altering in any way, so simply put them in play in your life and go.