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The Quantum Harmonizer Space shield is designed to protect your physical space from negative and unbalanced energies. The shielding will protect your home, office, store or any area that has electricity and needs protection.

The Holographic Shield contains countless frequencies designed to protect and enhance your overall state-of-being. The frequencies contained in the Holographic field use the power-field created by the wires running through the electrical wiring in any space to help you evolve rather than work against you. It has been designed to help you grow to your fullest potential as well as clear your space of unwanted energetic debris.

The Harmonizer is fully contained, requires no effort on your behalf to work, and can be taken with you if you move. The effects are ongoing. There is a break-in period, usually lasting anywhere from 24-72 hours, where some awkwardness or discomfort may occur. Folks often find themselves cleaning furiously, or even sleeping a bit more than usual, during the break in period. Once the period has ended, your new space will be much more in alignment with the true you. The effects can be subtle and not so subtle, there is no set response the process, but the Harmonizer always works and it always has some effect.

The key word associated with the Harmonizer is “clarity.” The Harmonizer brings clarity to the place you spend your time in. You’ll feel more comfortable, more relaxed, more balanced in the field created by the Harmonizer. The field will, on average, extend out 1500-2500 feet around it – your neighbors will thank you for it.

This is the front side and always faces toward you This is the back and always faces the power supply

1.The most powerful placement is the Breaker Box. Locate your power box or circuit breaker panel, it maybe in your house in a closet or on the wall, or outside. The location of the box does not matter. Determine if you are going to place the device inside the box or outside. Outside placement is fine unless someone might steal it or it might be subject to inclement weather. If the device is to be placed inside, simply place the two double-back tape pieces on the top and bottom of the device on the soldier side. Open the panel door, then place the device on the door as close to the center as possible and close the door. If placing the device on the outside of the box, place the tape on the back of the card, and place the device on the box. Important: The
Soldiers Always Face Out.


2.If you do not have access to your panel, or do not feel comfortable putting something on or in it, then you may use the travel device to secure the device to a power supply. You’ll want to place it on something that is constantly drawing power, clock, computer or other high energy user. You will probably, but not
always, use this system for the office as well, as many offices do not allow easy access to the panel. Place the cord, or a few cords if you can, between the velcro strip and the device and leave it alone.


3.Travel. Simply take the travel device with you and attach it to a cord in wherever you are, make sure to take it with you when you leave. Make sure the cord has energy running through it, usually a clock works.


4.Office usage. Obviously a device on the main panel of an office is best, and I have placed them on the main panels in gas stations, hair salons, movie studios, fitness centers, retail stores, restaurants, even banks and all work just fine. But if you cannot access your panel, have no fear because placing the device at your desk will do just fine. You may place the device at your desk area by securing to the power supply cable
for your computer or other power source cables/wires (like an extension cord or power supply to the computer). Simply attach the device with tape, making sure the soldiers face away from the power source. You may also use velcro as I have in the provided travel unit, just nothing metallic like wire can be used.


The first thing you need to do is sign the back of the card. By signing the card you establish the connection to your Creator Self, and you acknowledge that you wish to establish the connection for the betterment of your Earthly experience.

You may simply place the card in your pocket, your wallet or other place that suggests the connection is not an after thought. What I mean by this is don’t sign the card and then put it in the kitchen drawer.

The connection might take a few days to establish and during that time things may feel a little bumpy, you might sleep a bit more then usual, you might feel inspired or you may feel little change. Once you feel the connection is nice and solid - only you will know, then you may use the card as you wish.

  • Meditate with it.
  • Hold it for clarity on a subject.
  • Place a note on it to get guidance on a topic.
  • Place it in an area of your home or office that seems to be a problem.
  • Use your imagination here, there is no right or wrong way to use it.

If you seek to improve the vibration of the computer, especially the laptop, then simply place the card on the computer in the area that seems appropriate to you. Secure it as you wish, double back tape, regular tape, quake hold are good options depending on your circumstances. On my laptop I have a protective cover and I have placed mine inside, SOLDIERS FACE OUT, towards you. The back faces the item you attach it to.


If wish to improve your driving experience, place the device in the lower center of the windshield, careful not to block your line of sight. Again, use the method that works for your particular situation. The SOLDIERS FACE YOU.


THE EVIL PHONE! You’ll need all you can get
on this monster. Use the
FREE HOME SCREEN IMAGE on the front of the phone. Then place a card in-between the case and the phone, SOLDIERS ALWAYS FACE AWAY FROM THE PHONE. Then close the case.

Use the card for inspiration, protection, ideas, clarity, and any other thing you can think of. Your Creator Self is LIMITLESS so is the use of the cards.