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The Quantum Harmonizer Protection Card
Nothing Else Like It On Earth

Protection Card Transcendent Protection

Use Your Soul To Achieve New Levels Of Expression

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Superior Connection Sign the Card To Connect

Protection, Health, Harmony, Prosperity, Creativity & More

The Quantum Harmonizer Protection Card is the result of 16 years of research and development on protection and consciousness enhancement tools. This business card size tool assists you in facilitating a deeper, more tangible connection to your Soul, or as I like to call it your “Creator Self.” The holographic energy center facilitates a connection to deeper levels of YOU, levels you may not have known existed.

What will that new connection bring to you? The card’s programmed tunings are designed to facilitate
transcendent: Protection, Prosperity, Creativity, Harmony and Health. Why Transcendent? Why not?! Why have a little protection when you can have protection guided by your Creator Self? Why have a little prosperity when you can have prosperity guided by your Creator Self? These tools are a means to help you achieve new levels of understanding about yourself in ways that allow you to increase your awareness about the true nature of you and your reality.

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How do they work? Simply sign the back of the card with a sharpie pen and let the card begin to establish a connection. Things may seem a little odd for a week or so while the old patterns clear out, but soon things will begin to flow. You may meditate with your card, if that is your thing, and use it to gain greater understanding of an issue. You may place a “note” on your card asking for clarity on a particular issue you may be having. You can place the card in your wallet or purse and let it be if that works for you. Since you get three cards you can use one to smooth out your driving experience by attaching it to the lower, center of your windshield. You can add one to the interior of your cellphone between the phone and the case to neutralize much of the cellphone distortion. You can attach one to your computer, place it where you feel it should go, to facilitate more creativity. Be creative in your use of the cards.

The Protection Card is designed to work with any all tools you may have, either those I have created in the past or others, as there is no conflict between these cards and other tools. The most important part of this tool is you rely on yourself to find the uses. There is no wrong way to use the cards, so tune into your Creator Self and experiment!!!

**The Creator Self Soldiers should always face you, so in the car they face inside, on the computer they face toward you, in the cellphone case they face away from the phone. The cards can only be used by one person; they cannot be imprinted again once a person has connected themselves to the card. The card never needs to be cleaned in any way and can be used in conjunction with other tools of assistance.

***Why do I use the term “Creator Self?” The terms “Soul” & “Higher Self” are often misused and confused terms, by using a new and unknown term, one can bypass many of the preconceived notions associated with those terms and allow a natural state of connection to be established more smoothly.

****Each card is unique, just like you, the imperfections are there by design, placed there by me, so your card is specifically for you. More Information:
www.quantumharmonizer.com, www.33shimmeringlights.com

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