House For Sale


You may find that your home, condo or commercial building is not selling. All things being equal: the right area, proper asking price, good condition, your property should sell. If it is not, quite often it is the energy that is the problem. If you property isn’t selling, ask yourself this question: do I really want to sell? Places that won’t sell often don’t because the owner really does not want to sell and the energy of the place says so. So if you really don’t want to sell, take the property off the market until you are ready to sell. If you do want to sell, and all the standard things are fine, it could simply be the vibe of the house, which is easily changed.

Quite often a property is customized by the owner, or maybe even cluttered with the owner’s stuff, as such, it can be hard for prospective buyers to see themselves in the property. Making sure the place is tidy helps, but to get the place to the next level a total energy clearing usually works. I have helped many places sell, in fact, in an odd experience, not once but twice, places have sold after the energy clearing devices went up. The quirk was the places were not for sale and the offers were out of the blue. It should be said that the device’s presence should be disclosed to any new owners and they should be able to choose if they wish to keep it or not. On one occasion the seller kept the device and I got an angry call from the new owner claiming the house was now not the house that was purchased - they bought a replacement device right away.