How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

Where you live, where you sleep should be as harmonious as possible. Too often we see where we live as just a place and not a home. And while each home does not need to be a Dwell Magazine expression of coolness, it should be kempt, clean, quiet and free from as much unpleasantry as possible.

When looking for a place to live, or work for that matter, most folks ignore the most important things – the things they cannot change. When I look for a place to live, or work, I look at the area first. Is the place located on a signal street, will be there be non-stop traffic, are there other outlets for drivers to use? Is the street wide, or narrow, as a wide street creates more room for the energy of the passing cars and people to move smoothly, an alley tends to slow things. Are there trees, a lot of cars parked, few cars parked, what about parking restrictions for me, or guests?

I look at the neighboring houses. I look to see what my view will everyday. If the neighbor has three junk cars on jacks I know I won’t be able to stand looking at that. Are the neighbor’s houses well kept, clean, and stable. I look behind the place, in front of the place and too the sides, even up. Are the neighbors quiet, or do they love the Home Theater speakers, barking dogs and weekend beer bashes?

I look to see if the windows have light and fresh air. I look to see if the vibe is right. In short, I really study where I am going lay my head to sleep. The things that can be changed by paint, plants and a few good wipes with a cleaning solution are not as important as the things that cannot be changed.

I actually use this process when traveling. I will find out of the room is near a highway, or an elevator, or the kitchen. I traveled to Sedona once and really liked the glamorous I found out later was under construction. What would be the point of going to Sedona and sleeping in a contraction zone?

If you are going to sleep somewhere, you need to feel safe. You need to feel the place refreshes, not drains you. You need to feel a sense of sanctuary where you sleep, eat and refresh. Sadly much of what I just wrote is foreign to people, they spend so little time planning where to live. I have helped many find new places to live and one trick I found works wonders is to look at three places you know you do not want, three places that if offered to you for free you would not take. The reason this works is once the system sees what it does not want; it will find something it does. You can do this with jobs, cars, or anything really. You must be sure it is something in your price range, but something you don’t want.

Once in a place, move in! I had a neighbor once who was living out of boxes. I asked her when she moved in, she said that she had been living in the place for two years. Not moving in is like standing on burning hot coals, no way to get settled. When you move in your energy has a place to go, and people can find you – like people offering jobs. When you move in, put all your stuff away, buy a few plants, hang some kind of art and paint if you like. I moved into a new house and after the weekend everything was put away. I had painted before moving in, but had you come to the place 5 days after leaving the old place you’d have thought I’d have been there for years. Get settled fast. Plan ahead, even I who plan nothing at all, find planning out a move can make things go fast and easy.

Clutter. Get rid of it. Consider that each and every item in your home is a thing you are juggling; easy to juggle one hundred, hard to juggle one thousand, but how about ten thousand? Go through your house once year, if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year – toss it. If you think to yourself, “gee I might wear this to the next inaugural ball I attend” toss it. If the item has nothing buy sentimental value, toss it. If the item has no use like a spatula or a set of speakers, toss it. You are spending energy keeping all of that stuff in your life, energy that could be spent someplace else.

Feng Shui. This is a good idea, but do not become obsessed. The main reason for the system is to establish intent and presence in the various areas of your life – nothing more. A water fountain isn’t magic, what it does do is establish a very clear intent that you can connect to, which allows your energy to represent that specific area of your life.

Sage? Sage is not a magical plant, it is just a plant. You could burn daisy flowers or a pencil eraser and get the same effect. What sage is, is a pleasant smelling conductor of your intent. If you do not know how to focus your intent to clear a home then the sage does nothing at all. I have cleared many homes, offices, business and even entire areas by simply using my focus and skills – no sage needed. More complex harmonizing of a place is a bit more challenging. My devices, are very good at taking your space to its maximum potential, by creating a continuous flow of balanced energy using the electrical fields.