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The Smart Phone Protection Home Screen Shield.

Right-Click Copy the image and place on the home screen of your phone. In order to feel the full effect, first place your phone in your hand and get a feel for the "Vibe". Then place the image on the home screen while leaving the phone on a table - out of your hands. Then pick the phone up and get a feel for the "Vibe" with the shield. To enhance things even further, add a Protection Card to the phone case - repeat the experiment…

You may also add this image to any electronic device, iPad, Desktop Computer, Laptop etc. If the image is a bit too strong or less then appealing, simply layer it behind another image of your choice and set the transparency to about 80 percent, enough to get a hint of the Card.

Note: This device is NOT for personal use, it is designed for the phone or other electronic device, any other use may result in unwanted experiences or distortions.

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Books For Increasing Your Awareness
These Books Include Time Tested, Simple Techniques to Heal, Evolve and Empower.
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Absolute Empowerment. This book takes you on a journey unlike any other book available. You will teach yourself the truth about your energy and what you do with it using the simple, but powerful techniques. Everyone I have ever worked with has wanted to know the answer to “why.’ You name the issue and “why” is the central concern. In this book you will find out the final answer to “why” and you will find out why the “why” does not really matter. After completing the simple exercises you will discover the truth about who you are.

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The Harmonizing Statements. This book is the companion book the website of the same name. In this book you will find out how to manipulate your reality. You will find out exactly how you created the reality you interact with and by using the simple tools you will see ways to manipulate that reality. This simple system is one that anyone can do, once you understand that you project the reality you interact with you will begin manage you life in an entirely new way. This book has new material and new suggestions.

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Increase Awareness. This book is a collection of articles, tips and thoughts on healing, life and other things I have determined might be of some interest. There are articles on Money, Relationships, Healing, The Body and over 30 more articles. Some of the information will help fill out areas of interest not covered by Absolute Empowerment, and The Harmonizing Statements.

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The Human Legacy. This short book is meant to be an inspiration to all those who see the human presence on Earth through the eyes of the system of "blame the Human" for everything that is.

Websites To Further Enhance Your Awareness for a mix of information. for an interactive healing experience and companion to the book information. for more buying options and limited edition pendants and necklaces.