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The Quantum Harmonizer Tools


Who Needs A Quantum Harmonizer Kit?

Anyone can benefit from the balancing effects of the Harmonizer. If you want to improve the vibration and energy of your home, your office, or other place where you spend time, the Harmonizer is for you. If you have a special issue: ghosts, trouble with neighbors, slow business, trouble selling your house, creepy feeling in your home or apartment, the Quantum Harmonizer is right for you. Even remodeling a home or office is the perfect scenario for the Harmonizer – put it up when you start and have a smooth experience.

What Can I Expect?

This depends, it is different from situation to situation. If a place is generally harmonious one may feel just that much better. If a place has some really issues, one may feel a lot of things during the shifting process – usually the first 2-5 days. Folks have experienced a furious need to clean – I have associated this with “owning” to moving into one’s space, during the shifting process. Folks have experienced being tired, cranky, frustrated, even sad, but this lasts for only a few days at most during the shifting process. Once the device has cleared and balanced the area, folks experience an entirely new way of living in the space. Once the sanctuary aspects is established, folks have experienced: better business, better relationships, better harmony with neighbors, issue resolution, better sleep, better interactions with family. These are a few of the consistently reported responses to the device, there are many others that are person to each situation.

How Long Has This Been Around?

16 years. The original design, known as the Living House Balancer, has been around for 16 years in various forms. The device has been successfully used in a myriad of situations: Countless Homes & Offices, Retail Stores, Gas Stations, Hair Salons, a Fitness Center and Three Major Film Studios. The device has been put through all manner of tests and passed each one.

Are There Any Downsides?

No. In the sixteen years that these have been used, not one has been returned. In fact, no one has even asked to return them.

What If I Have a Living House Balancer Already or Other Device?

This device is a quantum leap beyond the Living House Balancer. One does not need to replace their Living House Balancer, in fact I do not recommend that. The Quantum Harmonizer Series is a great addition to the Living House Balancer or any other tools you have; they work very well together. It is recommended that one simply add the Harmonizer Series to your tool kit in order to enhance the harmony in your life.

How Does The Harmonizer Work?

There is an energy field that surrounds the interaction of the two electrical wires that run throughout the building. This field is an unbalanced field. The Quantum Harmonizer takes that field as it passes through the box – to be distributed to the rest of the building, and filters it via a complex set of frequencies created via fine tunings and other sources. Once that energy field passes through the device, the energy field is “harmonized” and the building receives a constant flow of balancing energy as long as the power is on. Once the flow is established, and the balancing takes over, the building raises its own vibration to access more harmonizing frequencies. Those who live and work in the field access their own more balanced energies more easily once the sanctuary is established. Think of it this way: It is much easier to access more balanced, happier, parts of you when in a park than it is when in a CAT scan machine. While an exaggeration, the metaphor has some validity based on ten years of experience.

Do I have To Do Anything Once I Put It Up?

It is a good idea to take a look around your place, tune into what you see, and do what you feel works for you to “own” it: you may meditate, do a ritual of some kind etc. I simply take a look around and say, “this is my place,” I say it firmly and without the slightest bit of ambiguity. Cleaning or even decorating a bit can add a deeper sense of ownership. Other than that, there is nothing to do. The device will always work and never needs tending to – unless it falls down for some reason. If the device falls down, replace it in the same location. If the tape goes bad for some reason, you may use other double backed tape, or even some silicon household glue, to stick it back up.

Does This Block Harmful EMF’s?

Blocking EMF’s is quite a challenge, and short of living in an electricity free home covered in lead, the problem is hard to mitigate. BUT, one can strengthen their own personal field to the point at which the EMF energy is a minor issue. Think of it this way. When you are happy, feeling good, things bother you far less then when you are ill or angry. The Harmonizer was designed to turn your home into a sanctuary, allowing you to access a happier and more centered you. When you access that part of you full time, in your home or office, the distorted EMF energies will have far less of an effect. The stronger you are, the less all those negative things bother you. This holds true for things like EMF’s.

Can I Install It Without Telling Anyone?

This is not recommended. The device will change the energy in any given space, very often it will create a radical change. It is unfair to do this to your mate or family without letting them know that they may experience something during the shifting phase of the first week or so. The basic reason for not disclosing the process is one is too insecure and feels that by hiding the fact they are more secure – one should do some self-reflection if this is the case. As for offices or places where there is a large group, it is not necessary to notify every single person, just be aware that the changes may cause some to become uncomfortable, be accommodating to those who may struggle a bit during the shifting period. It should be said here that removing it without telling someone is not a good idea either. Many years ago someone used a Living House Balancer to sell their home. The home sold quickly but this person removed the device when they left. The person who purchased the home called me in a total panic, “this is not the home I bought” was the cry of frustration on the phone. A new device was dispatched the same day. Lesson: let those around you know of you plan to remove the device.

Will The Harmonizer Interfere With Anything I am Currently Using to Protect Myself?

No. In fact, the Harmonizer works well with anything and everything that use may use to assist yourself in your evolutionary process. If you are a Feng Shui devotee the Harmonizer will enhance the effectiveness of your work.

I Have “Saged” My Space, Isn’t This Enough?

Sage is not an inherent energy changer at all. It is a weed, and it, in and of itself, it is no more unique than any other weed. What has gotten lost in the translation is that the Sage wand is a tool of “intent” and not the tool. When people burn sage they are mislead into believing that the Sage does the work, it does not – the person holding the Sage does the work (do they really know what they are doing). You could use a pencil and accomplish the same thing, they are both wands and the power lies in the user and their intent and skill. I have encountered countless situations where people have used standard solutions, like Sage, to address complex energy problems with little success. The Quantum Harmonizer is way, way beyond the concept of Sage or other such efforts. This device is
specifically tuned to alter the vibration of the space using the power in the building.

The Quantum Harmonizer Power-Cord Version

What Is The Power-Cord Version?

In some cases one does not have access to the electrical panel in the home – this is most often the case in an office. The Power-Cord version lets you have the harmonizing energies of the Quantum Harmonizer in places where access to the panel is compromised. The Power-Cord version attaches to any power-cord. A power-strip attached to the computer setup is ideal. Simply use the velcro to attach the device the cord and the effect takes place. The Power-Cord version does not cover as much square footage as the Quantum Harmonizer circuit-breaker version, but it will cover and area of up to 1000 square feet; perfect for an office or apartment.

Where Do I Put The Power-Cord Version?

The placement is up to you. If you have ordered the kit, and have placed one on the circuit-breaker panel and are looking to place your Power-Cord version somewhere, I suggest placing in the area with the most power – often the home office or computer set-up (the TV center is another good place). If that area happens to be close to the main box, I suggest placing the Power-Cord version as far away from the box as possible.

If you have a situation where you are placing two Power-Cord versions in your area, place them as far away from each other as possible. Place one in one corner of the home or office and look to place the other at the opposite corner. This is a place where using your intuition is helpful. Simply stand in the center of the area and get a sense of what feels right. Trust that sense and place them where you feel they belong. Remember you can always move them.

What If I Travel?

Take the Power-Cord version with you! There is no reason to be someplace and not have the harmonizing energies with you. Simply attach the Power-Cord version to any wire in the space you are temporarily in.
Do Not Forget To Take It With You When You Leave?

The Quantum Harmonizer Protection Cards

The Soldiers always face away from the phone

Does The Protection Card In The Cell-Phone Case Stop The Harmful Energy?

No, this is impossible. The only way to stop the harmful energy is to render the phone useless. Since we can’t do this, we can alter the way one interacts with those harmful energies. The Harmonizer works to strengthen
your field, as well as knock out some of the more erroneous energies coming from the device itself. The phone is a rather unbalanced piece of equipment, the harmonizer works to balance it, making it more coherent.

Will It Work On Any Phone?

Yes. The type of phone does not matter. Simply place it on the phone and let it do its thing. Make sure you place it on the phone. Do not place it on any case you may have around your phone.

I Have Something I Use On The Phone Already, Does This Replace That?

No reason it should. If you can fit both on your phone you should - the more the better. The Harmonizer plays very well with other devices.

Why Do I Need Cell-Phone Shield?

The cell-phone’s energy distorts the brain waves quite a bit. There is research that shows placing the phone up to the head quickly alters one’s moral compass. This explains the bad behavior by those on the phone and in public. There is also research that shows that the phone, when placed up to the head, alters blood sugar levels in the brain. Those who experience mood swings do to blood sugar drops will surely understand the downside to this effect. Power levels fluctuate wildly depending on the location of the phone relative to the signal, the higher the power level the more radiation to the brain.

One should limit cell-phone conversations to as short a time as possible. Never have lengthy, serious, conversations on the cell-phone. Always uses speakerphone, if this is not possible, use a low radiation headset.

Protection For The Car

The Soldiers always face YOU.

Where Do I Put Them?

Place one in the lower center of the windshield, make sure you do not block your view. You may use whatever you like to secure it, I prefer a small piece of double back tape, but the choice is yours. That’s it. There is nothing more to be done. They are designed to enhance your driving experience.

Computer Protection

The Soldiers always face up.

Where Do I Put It?

If you have a laptop, the placement is up to you. As close to the screen as possible is best, but that doesn’t always work out well given all the variations. Anywhere that is comfortable for you will work just fine.

If you have a desktop machine, I personally prefer to place them on the monitor facing me. Place them on the monitor on either corner, facing the user. You may feel that placing them on the computer itself is best, feel free to do so it that inspires you. You are free to move them if you feel the need at some point. If the tape needs replacing, any double stick tape will do just fine.

The Quantum Harmonizer Pendant

What Does It Do?

The Quantum Harmonizer Pendant strengthens your energy field, knocks away unbalanced energies and clears certain negative energies out of your bio-field. The original pendat was known as the Resonator Pendant and has gone through many incarnations over the last 10 years. This pendant takes the best of each effort and combines them with the power of the hologram to make a truly refined and powerful tool.

How Does It Work?

The Pendant works using your own bio-field as the power source in much the same way as the Quantum Harmonizer uses the electricity as its power source. The tunings in the device seek to harmonize your energy field, thereby strengthening your field. A stronger field is a more protected field; a more protected field is a happier field – less threatened by life’s negative vibes you will simply feel much better. The device provides you with clarity.

What Can I Expect?

The experience differs from person to person. Most people will experience a small detox period, lasting a day or two, as the device works to “clear out” some of the more obvious and unbalanced energies contained in your bio-field. Some may react strongly to the power of the pendant and some may not react at all.

Can I Always Wear It?

Yes. I don’t suggest wearing it to sleep or to shower, but at all others times is fine. There is an exception: one cannot wear it during any sort of biofeedback testing. The Pendant has a tendency to skew certain types of testing, including kinesiology and other forms of feedback testing. It is recommended that one simply take it off during any sort of feedback testing – just to be safe.

Can I Put It On Another Cord or Chain?


Will It Protect Me From Negative Energy?

Yes. This story is an interesting example of the shielding effects. Someone who was a long time user of the original Resonator Pendant went to see the long time family physician for a general checkup. After the examination the pendant was placed back on and a hug was given to the doctor. The pendant touched the doctor’s stethoscope. When the pendant touched the stethoscope, the stethoscope flew off the doctor’s body and flew onto the floor – breaking in the process. Why did this happen? The stethoscope was used on countless people, acquiring the energy of each person in the device. A lot of unbalanced energy was contained in that tiny listening device, the pendant looked to clear the stethoscope out with rather humorous results.

Can I Give My Pendant To Someone Else?

This is not recommended. Once the device tunes to you, it is yours. Since each person is different, one vibe might not work on another.